Professional Free and Single: Dating Site for Busy Professionals

professional free and single

Overall Rating:
3 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
3.5 stars
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3 stars
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3 stars
3 stars
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3.5 stars
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4 stars

Professional Free and Single is a dating site that brings single and professional people together. It highlights a wide range of features such as gifts, encounters, and diaries that is designed to help the community in finding their ideal relationship. A comprehensive profile can be created by adding high-quality images. You also have the option to do an advanced search. This dating for professional site is a lot similar with the other dating site in UK in terms of structure. The diary and the encounter feature, for instance, are also provided by the other sites.

Top Features

This dating site is not just limited to rich business people. You will be able to find various types of career-driven people like army officer, dentist, nurse and police officer. There are different types of people that are interested in a particular career in this dating for professional site. Generally, this is a site for people that are interested in dating professionals. It has a large, diverse and active community. You will be able to find members from different parts of the globe such as UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and Ireland.

The advanced search feature of Professional Free and Single is a lot better compared with the other sites. You can tailor your search based on lifestyle, social and physical option. You also have the opportunity to find out their industry and how much the member earns.

Pros and Cons


  • The search feature of the Professional Free and Single allows you to see the people within your area.
  • Diary can be read to understand the things that interest the user.
  • A mobile notification can be enabled which will notify you in case you received a message.
  • Various ways on how you can find an ideal partner.
  • Large and active community


  • The site may sometime lack focus due to the range of member.


During the sign-up process, the system will ask you some important information such as your contact and billing information. Your contact information will be used in order to reach you if there are any activities, items, events and offers. Data transmission is not secured since the website is using an unencrypted method of transmission. However, they implement a strict policy to intercept and avoid any unwanted access. This dating for professional site is using managerial, electronic and physical process to keep their system and your information secured.

Ease of Use

There are numerous ways on how you will be able to find a date in Professional Free and Single. Aside from the advanced search method, you will also be able to find members that are perfect match depending upon your preference. There is also an encounter feature that highlights the photos of every user. You have the option to click the Maybe, No or Yes in case you want to know a particular person.

Editor’s Verdict

We recommend that you start your journey in Professional Free and Single as a free member and find out if this perfectly suits you.