eHarmony Review


Overall Rating:
3.5 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
4 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
3.5 stars
Protect Privacy
3 stars
4 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
4 stars

eHarmony is a dating site that allows the busy professionals to find compatible partners. The site helps you find ideal matches, after a careful selection process. You will end up with people who share your core values, and this has made professional dating quite interesting. While there are so many other dating sites, this is a dating site for professional singles and will present you with so many choices of possible matches, who are compatible with your preferences and ambitions.

Main Features

  • Get to enjoy a free account for as long as you wish.
  • There is a feature that allows you to create a personality profile.
  • Allows people who are looking for straight relationships
  • The search feature is controlled, giving you the best matches that fit your profile

Pros and Cons


  • Unlike the other dating sites and apps, eHarmony is a dating site for those who are looking for serious relationships that possibly lead to marriage.
  • The site will save you a whole lot of time and ensure that your busy professional life is not interrupted, As such; you will find the right partner, by just providing some basic details about yourself.
  • There is an effective matching model that is scientific, yet easy to understand. This will help you find true happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.
  • The registration process for this dating site for professional singles is easy and straightforward.


  • eHarmony is considered to be relatively expensive than other dating sites.
  • You are limited in terms of interaction, if you are on the free package, you cannot reach out to those who are on paid subscriptions.
  • This site does not allow you to search for partners on your own.


All the information that is collected on this dating site for professional singles is treated with utmost confidentiality. Your information is secure and will not be shared with any other party, without your consent. There is some level of information that will be disclosed to your potential matches. You can rest assured that all your data is safe on eHarmony.

Ease of Use

There are some dating sites that tend to complicate matters, but eHarmony is different. The site appreciates that you have a busy life and as such it has simplified the whole process of finding a partner. Once you create a profile, you will just sit back and wait for your matches to be presented to you. You will navigate the website with a whole lot of ease.

Editor’s Verdict

eHarmony is an exceptional website for professional singles that are looking for serious relationships. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands and the search will be conducted on your behalf, which makes the whole process of professional dating interesting. It is worth giving it a try.